Viscosupplementation Overview

Viscosupplementation is a highly effective treatment for osteoarthritis (OA), also referred to as "wear and tear" arthritis. It is commonly performed for knee osteoarthritis.

The viscosupplementation procedure consists of weekly injections of concentrated hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found in our joints. It helps to provide lubrication to the joint, and to improve shock absorption during weight bearing activities. The series is carried out over a 3-5 week period.

The Goal of Viscosupplementation

The goal of the viscosupplementation is to provide long term relief of joint aches related to osteoarthritis. It is a common alternative to NSAIDs, which can be damaging to kidneys and can also lead to stomach ulcers. It does not offer immediate pain relief like cortisone injections.

Expected Relief time for Viscosupplementation

Oftentimes patients will notice relief after 1-2 weeks. Patients may report being able to stand for longer periods of time, walk farther distances, and be more active in general. Effects can be long lasting. Many patients report relief as long as 6 months, to 2 years post viscosupplementation.


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Injections for Osteoarthritis and similar ailments

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