Physical Therapy Programs & Services

The physical therapy department at Advanced Spine and Pain was created to serve the rehabilitative needs of our community and is dedicated to returning our patients to full function.

Using a hands on, one on one approach each patient receives a detailed evaluation from one of our licensed physical therapists, where an individualized treatment plan is created and discussed, integrating each patients goals into their personal program.

Follow up appointments are also one on one and our therapists treatment philosophies are geared toward manual approaches to treatment including Maitland, muscle energy techniques, core strengthening, and nutritional education.

Physical Therapy Treatment Programs

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our team works with individuals who have undergone a total hip or knee replacement, sustained trauma to a bone, or have a bone or soft tissue disease. We focus on helping patients regain their strength, mobility and endurance so they can return home and resume their regular routines.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a common treatment technique in orthopedic physical therapy, which involves little to no pain. Although various dry needling approaches exist, the more common and best supported approach targets myofascial trigger points, which are hyper-irritable spots in muscles that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers.

Dry needling is performed on these sites by inserting a sterile, very thin solid filament needle into the trigger point. There is little to no pain with the procedure, and relief can be felt sometimes immediately, although this varies depending on the severity of symptoms and diagnosis.

Some of the conditions that dry needling can treat include shoulder pain, tight hamstrings, low back pain, elbow pain, planter fasciitis, tendonitis of the Achilles tendon, calf pain, hip pain, and painful knots (also known as trigger points).

Low Back Program

The Low Back Program uses a standardized, functional and outcomes-oriented approach to care that focuses specifically on the low back. Through an active and educational continuum of treatment, our therapists assist the patient in returning to normal, daily activities as soon as possible. By providing comprehensive education in anatomy, pathology and care of the low back, the patient is empowered to participate in his or her recovery and in the prevention of future injury.

Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Physical therapy can be extremely beneficial in alleviating various types of pain. Physical therapy helps to relieve pain, promote healing, and restore function and movement. Physical therapy is used to alleviate sources of chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathic pain (pain caused by injury to tissues or nerves).

As a chronic pain treatment, physical therapy can teach people how to move safely and functionally in ways that they haven’t been able to for quite a while. When treating pain, one of the goals of physical therapy is to help patients become stronger, because they’re usually weak from not moving.

Senior Wellness

The over-65 group is welcomed and understood as a group with special and unique needs. We understand the value of exercise, injury prevention, and the preservation of general good health and physical function.

Woman stretching during physical therapy