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Deformity and Scoliosis Surgery

Deformities of the spine, such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and fractures, are debilitating for many sufferers. Curvatures in the spine can lead to tilting in spinal discs or compression of spinal nerves, ultimately leading to intense pain that prevents sufferers from routine daily activities.

Thankfully, recent advances in technology and surgical disciplines have allowed patients to receive less invasive treatment for spinal deformities. At Advanced Spine and Pain, one such discipline we exercise is spine stabilization surgery for deformities and scoliosis.

The goal of this surgery is to reduce pain, restore balance, and straighten the spine, thus improving a patients life. While the procedure itself varies somewhat depending upon the patient, the basic format does not. Our surgeon makes several small incisions (in order to preserve the integrity of muscle tissue) and then uses metallic implants to realign vertebrae, correct the spinal curve, and provide stability.

This surgical approach for deformities of the spine has proven safer, more cost-effective, and to have a shorter recovery time that other traditional approaches. Patients no longer need to suffer through debilitating pain, have a poor self-image, or struggle to have a high quality of life.

Dr. Raley and his team have pioneered surgical plans that account for patient’s age, lifestyle, and health. Schedule a visit to find out how they can help improve your life.