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If a patient is suffering from degenerative disc disease, lumbar facet disease, or a similar disorder then our team may recommend a surgical procedure called dynamic stabilization of the spine. Dynamic stabilization preserves motion without the need for more intense fusion techniques. This is accomplished by removing bone that is applying pressure to the nerves of the spine thus relieving uncontrollable back pain.

During dynamic stabilization flexible rods are used to add stability to the spine. Motion between vertebrae are thus limited, but not totally eliminated. Traditionally, stabilization of the lumbar spine was accomplished with fusion surgery to prevent future motion. Dynamic stabilization provides an alternative to fusion surgery and is used to control the amount of motion between adjacent vertebrae.

An advantage of dynamic stabilization is that if the procedure isn’t successful then the patient and surgeon can still discuss the alternative of lumbar spine fusion.

Once disc problems have been identified by an Advanced Spine and Pain surgeon the patient will be considered for dynamic stabilization. Patients with osteoporotic bones or bones that have fused on their own due to age will likely discuss alternatives with our staff as these problems can limit the success of the surgery.

Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine