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Percutaneous Discectomy for Herniated Discs

Patients suffering from herniated disc pain may benefit from percutaneous discectomy, an outpatient, minimally invasive spine surgery offered by Advanced Spine and Pain.

The Procedure

A percutaneous discectomy is a safe surgical procedure where herniated disc material is removed with a needle while a patient is under local anesthetic or mild sedation. By contrast, other surgical procedures that are not minimally invasive use an “open” approach, which exposes inner organs and tissue by way of a large incision. The purpose of a percutaneous discectomy is to remove disc material that is creating pressure on a nerve root or on the spinal cord. The expert surgeons at Advanced Spine and Pain can even remove sequestered material that has slipped into the spinal channel.


There are multiple benefits to a percutaneous discectomy. Among them are reduced scarring from a one-stitch incision, short rehab time, immediate pain relief for almost all patients, and the ligament and surrounding disc remain intact.

A percutaneous discectomy is a technically difficult treatment method for surgeons, but the spine surgeons at Advanced Spine and Pain have proven to be proficient at flawlessly executing the surgery. With minimal complications and high success rates, patients who undergo percutaneous discectomy procedures quickly return to daily activities without herniated disc pain.

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