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Posterior Foraminotomy of the Cervical or Lumbar Spine

Bone spur, pinched nerves, arthritis, and herniated discs are some of the conditions that cause compression of spinal nerves. This compression then leads to pain, numbness in the hand and arm, and muscle fatigue. Some patients even experience shooting pain through their shoulders, arms, hands and legs. One possible remedy for these conditions is a posterior foraminotomy.

The Posterior Foraminotomy Procedure

A posterior foraminotomy is a surgical procedure whereby a small (half inch to one inch) incision is made and precision instruments are used to remove bone or disc material. Then the surgeon closes the incision, completing the surgery with minimal tissue damage resulting in lasting pain-relief and shorter recovery time. Some variation exists in the depending on whether the surgery is intended for the cervical or lumbar region of the spine.

Overcome Back Pain

The end result of foraminotomy surgery is a significant decrease or elimination in arm and leg pain. Close to 95% of patients report excellent results as documented in numerous research articles. After the recovery period, which is just a few months, most patients will return to their normal daily activities. And some patients are able to return to light activity within several weeks after being cleared during their follow-up examination.