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Waking up day after day with a sore, stiff neck can make it difficult to go about your normal activities. Neck pain affects the nerves, muscles, and bones, leaving you frustrated and often unable to find relief. At Advanced Spine and Pain Center, with offices throughout Fairfax County, VA, Stafford, VA & the Greater Baltimore, MD Area, the medical team offers effective solutions for treating your neck pain without surgery. Schedule a consultation now and learn more about your options for neck pain relief

Neck Pain Q&A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain is a common disorder that affects millions of people every day. Muscle strains from activity or sleeping in the wrong position are often the cause of discomfort or pain in the neck muscles. You may also be experiencing pain in your neck related to various medical conditions, including:

Quick backward and forward motion of the neck, common during an auto accident results in a neck-related injury called whiplash.

How is neck pain diagnosed?

Your doctor performs a physical examination of your neck and spine. They review your medical history and recent injuries to diagnose the cause of your neck pain. They may move your neck into different positions to check your range of motion and may also use X-rays, an MRI, or other imaging tests to explore potential causes of pain in your neck.

How is neck pain treated?

When your doctor determines the cause of your neck pain, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce your pain and treat your injuries. Your doctor may initially recommend medications and physical therapy to loosen neck muscles and alleviate pain.

They may also recommend the use of a cervical collar to provide your neck muscles with additional support. A cervical collar reduces the pressure on the nerves in your neck and allows your neck muscles to recover from strains.

If these treatments don’t relieve your pain, your doctor may suggest minimally invasive procedures to correct neck problems and relieve pain, including:

Facet injections

Your spine has small facet joints throughout its structure. Arthritis or degeneration of the joints can lead to chronic neck pain. Your doctor may use facet injections to administer steroids and an anesthetic to relieve neck pain for several months.

Radiofrequency ablation

During a radiofrequency ablation, your doctor uses radiofrequency energy to stun the nerves and relieve pain for up to 12 months. This procedure doesn’t destroy the nerves permanently. Your nerves slowly regenerate over time, and you may need to undergo the procedure more than once.

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