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If traditional medications aren’t helping you manage the pain or swelling caused by a degenerative disease or injury, you might benefit from the epidural steroid injections offered at Advanced Spine and Pain Center. With offices throughout Fairfax County, VA, Stafford, VA & the Greater Baltimore, MD Area, their experienced medical team provides several innovative solutions for pain relief and management. Epidural steroid injections may help you finally get relief from chronic spine-related pain. Book an appointment online now.

Epidural Steroid Injections

What are epidural steroid injections?

Epidural steroid injections involve direct application of steroid anti-inflammatory medications and a local anesthetic to irritated nerves. Your doctor may recommend injections if you are not finding relief from oral medications or other therapies.

Injection types vary based on the area in need of treatment. The three injection types include:

Caudal epidural steroid injection

Administered at the base of the spine

Transforaminal epidural steroid injection

Administered in the area where your spinal nerve leaves the spine

Interlaminar epidural steroid injection

Administered at all levels of the spine

Your doctor reviews your symptoms and medical history to determine which injection type is the right treatment for your pain relief goals.

What conditions can epidural steroid injections treat?

If you suffer from a spine-related condition that causes significant pain, your doctor may recommend epidural injections as an effective pain reliever.

You may benefit from epidural steroid injections if you suffer from:

What can I expect during an epidural steroid injection treatment?

At Advanced Spine and Pain Center, your doctor performs the epidural steroid injection procedure in a comfortable office environment. You receive a local anesthetic to numb the injection area and prevent discomfort during treatment.

The injection procedure takes about 10-15 minutes for one injection. If your doctor determines multiple injections are necessary, the procedure takes longer. The medical team monitors your recovery for 20-30 minutes following the injection before you can go home. You may use an ice pack on the injection site to relieve soreness.

Following the injection, you may experience a noticeable improvement immediately, but it isn’t uncommon to feel a temporary increase in pain for a few days. You should experience the total effect of the injection within 48-96 hours with results lasting several months.

Your doctor may recommend additional injections as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for pain management.

What are the risks of epidural steroid injections?

Epidural steroid injections are both safe and effective for relieving pain. The doctors at Advanced Spine and Pain Center have extensive experience administering the injections and ensuring your safety.

Risks and side effects associated with the injections are rare but may include bleeding, infection, and temporary tenderness at the injection site.

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