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If you’re enduring chronic pain with no relief from oral medications, you may benefit from pain pump therapy. At Advanced Spine and Pain Center, the doctors are extensively trained in pain management techniques and are the only providers in the area to offer pain pump treatment. Schedule a consultation in one of the pain management facilities in Fairfax County, VA, Stafford, VA & the Greater Baltimore, MD Area to learn more about pain pump services for chronic pain relief

Pain Pumps Q&A

What is a pain pump?

A pain pump, or intrathecal drug delivery implantation, is a device that delivers pain medications directly into your cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid surrounds your spinal cord and contains a large number of pain receptors. Your doctor provides a small amount of medication through a catheter placed directly into the liquid to alleviate pain quickly and efficiently.

Your doctor may recommend a pain pump if other therapies have failed to control your pain. They may use this treatment to manage your pain without reliance on substantial amounts of oral pain medication.

What conditions can a pain pump treat?

If you’re diagnosed with a chronic or degenerative spine condition or have an injury that causes chronic pain, your doctor may recommend pain pump treatment.

Pain pumps effectively resolve pain for conditions like:

  • Failed back surgery
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Nerve injuries
  • Cancer pain

What can I expect with a pain pump treatment?

Advanced Spine and Pain Center doctors are the only providers in Northern Virginia and Maryland offering pain pump treatments. They receive highly specialized training to administer pain pump treatments safely and ensure successful result.

You first undergo a trial period to ensure the pain pump works for your pain relief needs. Before the trial begins, you need to reduce your current intake of medication by at least 50%. Your doctor helps you plan for this reduction in advance.

Your doctor places a catheter into your spinal fluid using a small needle. They also use an X-ray of the treatment area to ensure the catheter is placed in the right location.

The initial treatment takes no more than 30 minutes. Once connected, you receive small amounts of medication through the catheter at regular intervals for 2-3 days. If the trial is successful in relieving your pain, you schedule an appointment for outpatient surgery where your doctor implants the system more permanently.

You should feel immediate relief of pain following the initial doses of medication.

To learn more about this innovative pain management treatment, call Advanced Spine and Pain Center or book an appointment online.